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18:41, 16 Януари 2011
Niko - Last Summer.mp3 The best track this year !!!
I'm verry happy to see non american songs on top of the world music charts.
I hope that we will see a Bulgarian track in World TOP 10. We are nothing less than Romanians, Serbians, Turkeys or Greeks. We just have to find our own Inna, Andrea Banica or Niko and to hope that he or she can speak english fine, not like "Grafa" and others like him :) I often listen "BG Radio" and when There sounds BG song in english, I always change the station :( it's a nightmare): So... This is from Me. Let's hope that there is at least one person who think like me. ACTIV -VISEZ.mp3 Play this one and may be you will understand me. •••We are better than Romanians •••
23:01, 13 Октомври 2009
Ей пич,бъди жив и здрав,и не обръщай внимание на боклуците........и внимавай,те са много.
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